Estimator Tool

We know how important it is to keep your clients informed at tax and statement time which is why we're pleased to launch our updated Statement Estimator Tool. Using this fast and easy online tool you can find:

  • A list of your Investment Wrap clients due to receive a Tax Statement for 2019/20
  • A list of your SuperWrap clients due to receive an Annual Statement for 2019/20 (available early August)
  • Estimated time period they are expected to receive their statement (e.g. Early August/Late September)
  • How they will be receiving their statements (eStatement or mail)
  • When their statement was issued (this information is updated after each tranche)
  • The percentage of your clients' statements that have been issued vs not issued

The tool should be used as guide only and is subject to change as more information is received, so ensure you check back on a regular basis.

Use the tool by logging in with your 'Adviser Number' and 'Online User ID' to display the list of your clients. You can then search by Investor number or download the entire report into excel.

To help protect your client's privacy we have limited the fields of this estimator tool to account number only.

Login here:

Please enter your adviser F number and the User ID that you use when logging onto the Wrap Desktop. If you wish to search for information for a particular client please enter that client’s M number.

*Indicates mandatory fields